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Disaster Recovery 

Kodex Consulting specializes in improving businesses with the right disaster recovery and data backup strategies.

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Disaster Recovery 

Unpredictable events such as fires, water leaks, or computer failures can happen. Every business is at risk of experiencing an incident that could prevent normal operations. Decreasing the likelihood of certain risks and unplanned events is imperative to sustaining normal business operations.


Kodex Consulting offers Disaster Recovery Management Services and will assist you in designing, developing, and implementing a plan to safeguard your data and technology solutions. Whether you choose to house your data at a data center or store your backup data onsite, Kodex Consulting will work with you to assess your risk tolerance and business needs.

When an unexpected disruption hits, IT disaster recovery is your top priority. No delays, no guesswork — you need a reliable solution that responds with speed and agility. You want the kind of IT disaster recovery expertise that will safeguard your key business data, maintain productivity, and limit the financial losses that result from an outage.


Our disaster recovery services speed recovery time by getting your IT infrastructure, business operations, and employees back up and running fast.


IT Recovery Services – Overcome disruptions with flexible, cost-effective IT disaster recovery solutions.

Rapid Recovery – Restore technology at the speed your business demands.

Work Area Recovery – Keep your employees productive and your business running in the event of a disaster or disruption with fully-equipped alternate work areas.

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